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I'm David Berniker.

I'm an architect,


urban designer,

and lover of cities.

While I wear these different hats, my drive remains the same: process and people. The planning and design process is a time to exchange ideas. My passion is in working with stakeholders--neighborhood groups, municipalities, and private groups--in a manner that aligns with the community's history and vision. I take ideas, synthesize them, create more ideas, and bring those back to the people. It's about iterative exchange.


I take a systems approach to planning and design--the process is a chance to think about physical infrastructure ("hard" systems) with an emphasis on social infrastructure ("soft" systems) that fill those spaces. 

For the past 30 years, my responsibilities have included strategic planning, conceptual design, consensus-building, and project management roles throughout the public and private sectors. My projects include developing and managing pedestrian-oriented land use and transportation plans, creating graphic-friendly design guidelines and form-based codes, and facilitating public workshops and visioning exercises that bring to life the shared goals of all who live, work, and play in the community.

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